What We Do

The interior design and remodeling process can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. In a market like Denver, with hundreds of options between designers, contractors, and vendors, it can seem impossible to narrow down a decision or execute a design plan that helps take the stress out of the process. At TVL Creative, our design routes are tailored to help every client work through their specific design process and remodeling needs, not the other way around. We have spent years fine tuning a system that helps empower clients to feel confident in every decision and comfortable through every stage of their commercial or residential renovation. We use advanced technology, first-rate communication, and thorough documentation to clearly communicate ideas and map changes as the project evolves.


TVL Creative employs two different tracks for design projects, depending on the client’s request, scope, and overall need. Every project comes with its own requirements and challenges, but our processes generally operate under the following structures:


If you’re a DIYer who requires minimal help, or if you have already aligned with a contractor or are in the early phases of design/remodeling without the need or desire to commit to a larger contract, TVL Creative Denver offers no-obligation, consultation-only appointments. Our services include on-site time at your home or business to discuss design ideas, space planning, and potential material options. The client determines how many hours are needed, depending on the size and scope of the project. The meeting may be as simple as a paint consultation or as detailed as working up space planning sketches on-site.

Our consultation services can be booked for an hourly rate of $125, with a two-hour minimum for consultations. A TVL Creative representative will contact you prior to your appointment to finalize meeting details and to learn more about your project requirements.


Our full scope process offers clients total assistance in every phase of a remodel. Our detailed and thorough process allows TVL Creative to handle all aspects of your residential or commercial renovation for you, while keeping you in the driver’s seat. The first step in a full scope process is to conduct a free on-site consultation. This meeting allows a lead designer to meet with you, take photos and measurements, and to chat about your budget and timeline requirements.

Following the preliminary consultation, your lead designer will take the collected information and will develop a visual proposal for you. This proposal includes a detailed contract and a complimentary photorealistic digital 3D rendering of a potential design concept for your space- a service that is especially valuable when dealing with a large-scale commercial or retail project. We believe in investing in our clients as much as they invest in us, and so we offer this customized first look as a way to inspire our clients and to begin a powerful interior design dialogue.

Our scalable contract offers an a la carte menu of services, including:


Design and Visualization


Selection, Board Development & Pricing of Materials


Contractor Coordination


Material Purchasing & Delivery Management


Design Implementation Management


Construction Drawing/Drafting Management

Real Client Photorealistic Digital Renderings

Our contract is customizable and can be tailored to meet the size and scope of every interior design project.

At TVL Creative, we pride ourselves on inclusiveness and transparency with clients. We have completed hundreds of successful projects utilizing this system and know that it is truly part of our competitive advantage in the industry.

Your Vision. Our Visionaries.

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