S. Long Springs Butte

This kitchen took a tired, 80’s builder kitchen and revamped it into a personalized gathering space for our wonderful client. The existing space was split up by the dated configuration of eat-in kitchen table area to one side and cramped workspace on the other. It didn’t just under-serve our client’s needs; it flat out discouraged them from using the space. Our client desired an open kitchen with a central gathering space where family and friends could connect. To open things up, we removed the half wall separating the kitchen from the dining room and the wall that blocked sight lines to the family room and created a narrow hallway to the kitchen. The old oak cabinets weren't maximizing storage and were dated and dark. We used Waypoint Living Spaces cabinets in linen white to brighten up the room. On the east wall, we created a hutch-like stack that features an appliance garage that keeps often used countertop appliance on hand but out of sight. The hutch also acts as a transition from the cooking zone to the coffee and wine area. We eliminated the north window that looked onto the entry walkway and activated this wall as storage with refrigerator enclosure and pantry. We opted to leave the east window as-is and incorporated it into the new kitchen layout by creating a window well for growing plants and herbs. The countertops are Pental Quartz in Carrara. The sleek cabinet hardware is from our friends at Amerock in a gorgeous satin champagne bronze. One of the most striking features in the space is the pattern encaustic tile from Tile Shop. The pop of blue in the backsplash adds personality and contrast to the champagne accents. The reclaimed wood cladding surrounding the large east-facing window introduces a quintessential Colorado vibe, and the natural texture balances the crisp white cabinetry and geometric patterned tile. Minimalist modern lighting fixtures from Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting provide task lighting over the sink and at the wine/ coffee station. The visual lightness of the sink pendants maintains the openness and visual connection between the kitchen and dining room. Together the elements make for a sophisticated yet casual vibe-- a comfortable chic kitchen. We love the way this space turned out and are so happy that our clients now have such a bright and welcoming gathering space as the heart of their home!

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