Lawson Park Condo

Our Clients
We were excited to be brought into this project just as our clients were closing on their new home! They already loved living in the building, so when this condo became available it was the perfect opportunity to move into a space with even better views and a ton of potential! Our clients requested an enticing 21st floor nest where they can soak in the views and revitalize their spirits. It was important to create a playful modern aesthetic that felt inviting with pops of color against a fresh palette. We dove in removing every trace of glitter wallpaper, crystal light fixtures, and dark flooring to create a clean slate and inject our clients’ personalities into their new home.

When walking in the front door you see straight through to the expansive views- we wanted to lean into this feature with our design and create a space that draws you in and ushers you to the light filled heart of the home. We introduced deep shades on the walls and a whitewashed flooring to set the tone for the contrast utilized throughout.
A personal favorite- The client’s owned a fantastic piece of art featuring David Bowie that we used as inspiration for the color palette throughout the entire home, so hanging it at the entry and introducing you to the vibes of this home from your first foot in the door was a no brainer.

Dining Room
The dining room is the first space you see when entering this home, and we wanted you to feel drawn right into it. We selected a mural wallpaper to wrap the walls and add a soft yet intriguing backdrop to the clean lines of the light fixture and furniture. But every space needs at least a touch of play, and the classic wishbone chair in a cheerful green does just the trick!

The existing kitchen needed to be refreshed, so we brought in large pendant lights, sleek cabinetry hardware, and a spunky faucet so it would feel as if it was always meant to live amongst the other spaces.

Living Room
Wrapped in glass, this showstopping space has views on top of views! With all the natural light flooding into this space we were able to continue the handsome color palette and create those moments of contrast we long for. We kept the furniture low (cuz views), added a punchy rug to pop against the roomy sectional, and introduced curved accent pieces to offset the linear architecture of the space.

Guest Bedroom
This little guest room is filled with moments of sophisticated spunk! From the shag carpeting and pops of luscious color to the wooden dots dancing across the wall this little retreat is the perfect place to welcome our client’s out-of-town guests.

Primary Bedroom
Let the color shine! We love that through the open bedroom door you get a glimpse into a world of color that contrasts beautifully against the neutral wall tones in the social areas of the home. We wanted this room to have all the vibes of a handsome retreat and relied on the rich jewel tones to give this space the intrigue it deserves.

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