Hudson Street

Our clients, two NYC transplants, were excited to have a large yard and ample square footage, but their 1959 ranch featured an en-suite bathroom that was more big-apple-tiny and certainly not fit for two. The original goal was to build a master suite addition on to the south side of the house, but the combination of contractor availability and Denver building costs made the project cost prohibitive. So we turned our attention to how we could maximize the existing square footage to create a true master with walk-in closet, soaking tub, commode room, and large vanity with lots of storage. The south side of the house was converted from two bedrooms, one with the small en-suite bathroom, to a master suite fit for our client’s lifestyle. We used the existing bathroom footprint to place a large shower which hidden niches, a window, and a built-in bench. The commode room took the place of the old shower. The original ‘master’ bedroom was divided in half to provide space for the walk-in closet and their new master bathroom. The clients have, what we dubbed, a classy eclectic aesthetic and we wanted to embrace that with the materials. The 3 x 12 ceramic tile is Fireclay’s Tidewater glaze. The soft variation of a handmade tile plus the herringbone pattern installation makes for a real show stopper. We chose a 3 x 6 marble subway with blue and green veining to compliment the feature tile. The chrome and oil-rubbed bronze metal mix was carefully planned based on where we wanted to add brightness and where we wanted contrast. Chrome was a no-brainer for the shower because we wanted to let the Fireclay tile shine. Over at the vanity, we wanted the fixtures to pop so we opted for oil-rubbed bronze. Final details include a series of robe hook- which is a real option with our dry climate in Colorado. No smelly, damp towels!- a magazine rack ladder and a few pops of wood for warmth and texture.

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