Foothill Road

This project is one of the most extensive TVL scopes to date! This house sits in a phenomenal site location in Golden and features a number of incredible and original architectural details. However, years of shifting had caused massive structural damage to the home on both the main and basement levels, resulting in shifting door frames, split drywall, and sinking floors. These shifts prompted the clients to seek remodeling assistance in the beginning of their renovation adventure. At first, the scope involved a new paint and lighting scheme with a focus on wall repair and structural improvement. However, the scope eventually evolved into a re-design of the entire home. Few spaces in this house were left untouched, with the remodeling scope eventually including the kitchen, living room, pantry, entryway and staircase, master bedroom, master bathroom, full basement, and basement bedrooms and bathrooms. Expanding the scope in this way allowed for a design that is cohesive space to space, and creates an environment that captures the essence of the family's persona at every turn.

There are many stunning elements to this renovation, but a few favorites include the insanely gorgeous custom steel elements at the front entry, Tharp custom cabinetry in the kitchen and pantry, and unique stone in just about every room of the house. Our clients for this project are both geologists. This alone opened an entire world of unique interest in material that we have never explored before. From natural quartzite countertops that mimic mountain ranges to silky metallic accent tiles behind the bathtub, this project does not shy away from unique stone finds and accents. Conceptually, the clients' love for stone and natural elements is present just about everywhere: the dining room chandelier conceptually takes the form of stalactite, the island pendants are formed concrete, stacked stone adorns the large back wall of the shower, and a back-lit onyx art piece sits in a dramatic niche at the home's entry. We love the dramatic result of this renovation and are so thrilled that our clients can enjoy a home that truly reflects their passions for years to come!

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